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Founded in 2012 in Bordeaux, Clarac-Deloeuil > le lab is a creative arts company exploring all variations of performing classical music on stage. In the form of a co-operation between stage-directors Jean-Philippe Clarac and Olivier Deloeuil, light-designers Rick Martin and Christophe Pitoiset, videographers Jean-Baptiste Beïs, Benjamin Juhel, Pascal Boudet and Timothée Buisson, graphic-designer Julien Roques, dramatic advisor Luc Bourrousse and artistic collaborator Lodie Kardous, this team is exploring the world of multidisciplinary productions under the joint motto: 

Opera, musical-theatre and concert as a tool for checking out what is topical at present. The creative work by Clarac-Deloeuil > le lab is never interested in the chosen piece only, but also in the political and social settings of the performance.